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Flirt Babes FOTY Battle rounds Date: Nov 26th @ 6:54am EST
Hello everyone

Our second battle is here and it’s between Megan Blaze and Angellina Bae. The battle will happen on 28th November at 12 PM EST and you need to get your votes there! Vote your favorite babe cause that’s their secret weapon and the winner will go into the next round and win prizes! We will still have fun during these shows so be there and make you babe’s wish come true!

The third round will be between Freya Seductive and Nikki Crystal on 3rd December at 11 AM EST. You are also invited there so make sure you save the date and bring your votes!

Forth round will be a battle between Natasha Bluee and Amannda Skye on 5th December at 2 PM EST. It will be an intense one so come prepared! The winners go to semi finals and get a special prize!

Flirt Babes FOTY Battles Date: Nov 18th @ 8:16am EST
Hello everyone!

It’s FOTY time and your Flirt Babes always have something special for you. Every year we try to step up our game and now, we are introducing FOTY Flirt Babes Battles to you! Keep reading, you’ll like this.

Eight girls, but we won’t say which ones, will fight against each other to collect most votes. Each round there will be a winner who will go to the next round and you will witness a spectacular battle in the finals with just two babes who got most votes so far. The winning babe will get a grand prize and we know babes like prizes!

You are directly responsible for the results! Join us on 21st November at 12 PM EST and see the introduction show to see each babe’s opponent for the first round. After that, we will have regular battles right until the finale! Bring your votes with you to every battle. From now on, that will be your favorite babe’s secret weapon!

May the Battles Begin!
Halloween Party with Flirt Babes Date: Oct 16th @ 10:58am EDT
Trick or Treat everyone!

We in Live Cams Mansion love to celebrate holidays and Halloween is the sexiest and spookiest of them all. It’s the time when our true selves can come out to the surface and wonder the lands of desires with no shame ! This year, we will have a party to make all of our deepest wishes come out without having to haunt us, we will haunt them!

You know that with us, you will enjoy everything. This year, next to fun games, prizes, fantastic costumes we will have a surprise Babe for you to meet! Stay tuned and bring your costume on 24th October at 6 PM EST! You can always just come wearing your Adam suit, we don’t mind!

Spooky Kisses!
Flirt of the Year in Live Cams Mansion Date: Sep 30th @ 8:24am EDT
Hello everyone,

It's that time of the year again which means it is FOTY on Flirt4Free ! You are used that we have something special for you each time this contest comes and it is not different right now! We have new faces in the race and you will love them!

Our babes Amannda Skye, Angellina Bae and Freya Seductive are in for the win and they got there little mini helpers to raise enough votes. During these three months we will have many surprises for you and you will get the chance to vote and win prizes from our babes. There is even our famous raffle to spice things up. It is a long race but it will be worth every minute if you spend it next to our babes!

May the best Flirt win!

New Babes in Live Cams Mansion Date: Sep 10th @ 5:40am EDT
Hello everyone!

We are so excited to bring you the good news! We have new Babes in our Mansion and you'll love them. You all know we love to introduce changes cause it makes things interesting. This time, we have two new babes and their names are Angellina Bae and Megan Blaze!

They both have their own qualities and talents and we feel you just can't wait to discover them all by yourself. Besides them, you can still see Nikki Crystal and Amannda Skye, the part of the old Flirt Babes. You can spy these sexy girls and get to know them better while they're online. We give you the world of possibilities, you should take them all and you should take them now!

Jacuzzi Fantasy Party with Flirt Babes Date: Jul 29th @ 8:53am EDT
Hello everyone!

We wanted to announce you early and invite you to a fabulous party on 8th August at 1 PM EST! Your favorite five babes will take you through Live Cams Mansion and we will end up in a Jacuzzi, naked, with only you to watch us! We have a wish to beat the group chat Hall of Fame and we hope you will help us with that. In return, you know we will make you feel good. There is a world of possibilities and we want to try each one!

Make your Saturday better and relax with us! We have many surprises for you, so get ready for a wild party that will lead you to even wilder group chat! We are here to have fun and you should join us! You deserve the best, you deserve us!

Pool Party by Flirt Babes Date: Jun 22nd @ 5:44am EDT
Hello everyone!

Your Flirt Babes are throwing a wet pool party and you are invited! You already know our parties our fun but this one will be wet and steamy and everything you could possibly imagine. It will be held in our new location and we are all about exploring it and using it for the best purposes- feeling good with you. The party will take place on 26th June at 4 pm EST so bring you swimming suit… or don’t. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

It will be a way to start your weekend with the right vibes and enjoy everything we have prepared. Our parties are full of surprises so we invite you to discover them this time also. We have shots, games and drinks prepared and fun is guaranteed. Come and enjoy the steam our babes will create just for you this Friday!

Live Cams Mansion: New Locaion Tour with Flirt Babes Date: May 27th @ 9:51am EDT
Hello everyone,

Your favorite place, Live Cams Mansion has a new luxury location and your Flirt Babes can’t wait for you to take a look inside. That’s why, on 29th May at 4 PM EST, they will take you on a tour. It won’t be just an ordinary thing, it will be a party and you will have no other option but to enjoy it. They have a lot planned so stay with us!

Like every time, we have surprises for you! We know how much you love a fresh face so we will introduce one to you! You can have fun with your regular babes and add one more to the list. It will be a never ending party and we are sure they can’t wait to show you every corner!

New Flirt Babes Mansion Location Date: May 13th @ 8:20am EDT
Hello everyone,

We know you like the Babes Mansion but we have some good news! We have a new, luxurious location to keep our Flirt Babes nice and comfortable! And we hope you will like it, too. That's why you have an open invitation to spy on your favorite babes, check out the new interior design and enjoy with them while you explore every corner of their new home!

It's much bigger than the former Mansion so we encourage you to start slowly and search for your favorite babe. You can enjoy the pool, new amenities and much bigger space where they can prepare special shows for you. It's a place of new possibilities. You know that our doors are always open for you and only for you!


Lock Down Party by Flirt Babes Date: Apr 13th @ 4:28pm EDT
Hello everyone!

There is no better way to spice up the time in quarantine than to throw a lock down party and that's exactly what your Flirt Babes will do. We have everything planned just for you and we promise a good time, as always. Our party will take place on 17th April at 4 PM EST and it will be something that will relax you and offer you some fun in these dull days spent at home. You know we take the fun to the next level.

We will have music, games, drinks, surprises and much more to share with you. Make yourself comfortable cause we're just a click away. We promise we will never let you get bored. Days in the lock down have never been so exciting!

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